5 Reasons to Wear Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have become one of the most popular casual choices for people of all cultures. They are shirt-sleeve but also feature a collar and two or three buttons. This can present a classy but casual look. You can find them at many different price ranges. Higher-quality shirts such as Peter Millar polos can be $100 or more. What you buy and how much you pay can be determined by your style, taste, use and budget. Here are some of the best reasons to wear polo shirts.

Texture and Fabric

Polo shirts are popular mainly because they are so comfortable and universal. Most are made of cotton, while others might be a cotton and polyester blend. Two popular higher-end materials are Tanguis and Pima cotton. They are known to be wrinkle-resistant and won’t shrink nearly as much as regular cotton. Higher-end options such as Peter Millar polos can be made of a wool and nylon blend.

The use of the polo can determine the fabric you choose. If it is intended for work, a simple cotton will do. If you plan to play golf, you might want something more breathable such as nylon or polyester. Double-knit styles can create some creative designs and tonal looks.

Polo Features

Polo shirts aren’t just a universal casual shirt, but they actually can be highly functional. If you need a shirt that’s more comfortable, flexible and breathable, many polo shirts have a moisture-wicking feature. This can not only keep you cool, but the shirt also won’t hold much sweat. As we mentioned earlier, they can be popular with golfers. This type of feature can make cleaning up spills easier.

Adding Branded and Logos to Polo Shirts

Many companies and businesses, especially in the service industry, choose to embroider or screen-print their logo on polos. Since these shirts are usually very pain in design, a simple logo or company name can stand out. They are also popular with sports fans. Even Peter Millar polos have a big selection of collegiate-branded shirts. Many polo shirts that are branded for a business are ordered in bulk. You can find polos in all types of designs and color options to match your business or sports team.

Endless Colors 

Speaking of colors, polos come in a seemingly endless amount of colors. Many people choose to go with a simple solid color, while others prefer stripes or other designs. You can also find polos with sleeves that are a different color than the chest area. No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find one that matches your style.

Comfort and Fit

Polos have become widely popular mainly because they are comfortable both tucked in and untucked. They can be worn with jeans, slacks or shorts. You may find somepolos that fight tighter than other, such as an athletic fit. Depending on the material they are made of, certain polos can be intended to wear in different types of weather.

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