How to buy your first vape?

Want to dive into the new wave of pleasure, excitement, and fun with your first vape?Let’s rock together!In this article, I’m going to walk you through essential factors to consider before storming into your best online vape store for your first vape.Let’s roll in it!

Your flavors

While most vapeswould handle herbs, oils concentrate, and wax, there are types designed for particular herbs.If you love flowers otherwise known as marijuana trees or dry herbs be sure to pick a vape that accommodates dry herbs.

Desktop vape or the portable vape?

Do you fancy vaping with friends or doing it solo?If you love doing it on the go, then you better arm yourself with the portable vape.Either way, if you plan to vape at home to kill boredom, and keep you awake, then the desktop vapes were made just for you.The only downside with the desktop vapes is that they could be costly.Moreover, you can’t walk around with them.

Your setting

Depending on your environment, there are two most popular vapes you, can choose from.These are the session vapes and the on-demand vapes.What’s the difference?Session vapes are excellent in heating contents for a specified period once ignited.This makes them a perfect option for group vaping because they can also be shared.

For the on-demand vapes, they are perfect if you prefer a one-person pleasure.

Convection or conduction

If you’re an avid vaper, you must have noticed a small chamber in all your vapes.You must have certainly used it for inserting your wax, concentrates and or flowers.It is, however, worth noting that irrespective of the design, it was either using convection or conduction to vape the materials.Which is better?

Convection vapes

Warm-up air then screen it via the Vape chamber to heat the herb.They produce better vapes of the content in the chamber.The only disadvantage of these vapes is that they require regular cleaning, and maintenance to keep producing good vapes.

Conduction vapes

Are fitted with heaters which physically touch the herb/ flowers for it to vape.They’re a great option when you want to have direct control.They are also cheaper, and very easy to use.

Your budget

Vapes very explicitly on price regarding design, types, and sizes.For instance, the charger packs, and pen batteries will go for around $20.Preferably a good option if you’re a new vaper, still trying things out.On the contrast, you will find the cartridge pens going for around $30 to $50.Moreover, the deluxe desktop vape models are likely to cost you more because of their quality.

They are stronger, and durable but use electricity therefore not portable but good for you if you’re a stoner who prefers enjoyable spots at the comfort of their couch.Superior models like the Volcano classic are likely to cost you approximately $480.Otherwise, some of the most excellent models which boast water filter vapes like the vapeXhale will give you a good run for your money.They’re likely to cost you an upward of $700

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