How to Use Rooting Powder

When to comes to gardening and houseplants, propagation is one of the easiest ways to grow new plants from those you already have. It’s a way to expand your garden, as well as a way to give lovingly grown plants as gifts without spending extra money. You can propagate a plant by taking a cutting of a stem or foliage and then replanting it in its own pot, though the process isn’t necessarily that simple; the method to use depends on the type of plant involved. Regardless of whether you’re propagating a succulent or a perennial flower, the use of rooting powder should be a part of your propagation process.

What is Rooting Powder?

This powerful powder is a compound of synthetic plant hormones, which will help your cuttings quickly take root and accelerate growth. Most importantly, a hormone called auxin is one of the key elements in plant growth and reproduction.  Studies have shown that using these plant hormones results in a bounty of benefits for your plants, including greater success with difficult to root plants, the number of roots formed, and swiftness of growth.

How Do You Use It?

It all begins with a plant you’d like to propagate, and as mentioned above, the process can vary depending on the plant. You’ll want to do some research and make sure you’re using the best methods for the plant at hand, but in general, the main steps are the same:

  1. Take a cutting from the plant. Make sure you take the cutting from a plant that is healthy. If you’re looking to propagate a flowering plant, be sure to cut any buds or leaves off of the stem you remove, to ensure that the plant puts energy into growing roots and not new blooms. If you’re trying to propagate succulents, you’ll need to cut off one of the leaves, as close to the stem as possible.
  2. Here’s where the powder comes in. Dip the edge of your stem or succulent leaf into the powder before you place it into your potting mix. Make sure that the stem is coated and that you don’t knock any of the powder off before putting it into the potting mix.
  3. Give the new root growth an extra boost by putting a plastic bag over the cutting. This will create a greenhouse effect to speed up growth, in tandem with the power of the hormone powder. Make sure your plant gets light and water it as needed.
  4. In a few weeks, you should see evidence of re-rooting and growth. Simple!

Overall, rooting powder is an essential addition to any gardener’s set of tools and gives you a way to reproduce your plants, even those that are known to be difficult to re-root.  You should be able to find rooting hormones at any garden supply store, either brick and mortar or online. With plant hormone powder, you’ll no longer have to worry about saying goodbye to your favorite plants, and you’ll enjoy healthy additions to your home garden.

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