Important factors to consider while Buying a Commercial Printer

If your industrial printing needs keep getting bigger and more detailed, you might need to invest in a commercial printer. Printing technology has advanced tremendously over the last couple of decades, making even the largest printing jobs more efficient and more cost effective. Deciding on a printer isn’t easy. Here are six main tips to consider if you are in the market for commercial printing in NYC.

Roll-to-roll screen printing has provided a way for people to create accurate prints and die-cutting with much less waste. It also helps ensure accurate color saturation. If you are considering a roll-to-roll printer, consider what software you are using. CAD or Illustrator are popular programs for designers and printing technicians. Other programs might require training to learn to use. Commercial printing in NYC can include a lot of talented design and production work.

While roll-to-roll printers are highly efficient, they can still require regular maintenance. During maintenance, print schedules can be impacted or delayed. This is especially true if any unscheduled maintenance or repairs are needed. If you use the printer every day, debris and dust can get into the print head and other areas. Expect to spend about two hours cleaning the print head. Air filters will help limit the amount of debris collected. Some newer commercial printers even feature a wiping system that self-cleans. This can reduce regular maintenance to just once or twice a month.

Based on your individual commercial printing needs, you likely will need to get some additional accessories that increase output and safety. Other accessories focus on reducing waste. Most places that sell commercial printers in NYC will have a basic price before additional accessories are calculated. However, make sure you choose only the accessories you need that pertain to your business.

The cost of ink is also a major factor for deciding on printers. Popular options are latex, UV, solvent, aqueous or eco-solvent. If you need to print vinyl signs or banners, solvent ink is the way to go. UV ink is good for printing on materials that are harder for the ink to penetrate.

Cutting options and needs are also key factors for commercial printers. Automated cutting is one huge benefit for using the roll to roll printers. It can save a ton of time and money. This avoids errors made during manual cutting. However, you may still need to do some manual cutting if the project requires unique die-cuts. So, look for a commercial printer that allows for both.

Consider the printer’s weight capacity. Most commercial printers in NYC will be able to handle a wide range of weights, from light fabric to heavy materials. Look for a printer that has a controller that manages tension. When looking for a printer, ask about the stability of the roller system. Tell the company about your specific needs.

A commercial printer is a significant investment and something that you will use for years. Make sure all your current and future needs will be met before making a decision.

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