Men’s Suit Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

There’s a saying that goes, “Be picky with your friends, clothes and time”. Suit-up right and the world will treat you accordingly. Throw on a sloppy piece of fabric for a suit and life might not only pass you by, but you might express the opposite of what you intended. After all, men’s suits cover 90% of the body. 

There’s a wide selection of different patterns, budgets, fabrics, and occasion-specific suits in the market. Choosing the right men’s suit for your life and style starts with doing a little research.

Here are the factors to consider when buying men’s suits; considerations that can set you up for conquering confidence, the right conversations, and respect.    

What’s Your Body Type?

The main factor at play here is how well the suit fits you—not in a personal style sense (more on that later) but on a physical; how well the pair hugs your frame. Taller gentlemen (6 ft 4” for example), will do fine choosing a three-button suit to proportionately tapper out the height. Flat-bellied men will want one with a flat-front trouser or pant. Your body type can mean you are good to go with an off-the-peg or ready-made suit from a Northridge Suit Outlet. Or it might also encourage you to go to the store for an in-store tailoring experience.

The Effect of a Men’s Suit

Perhaps the most important factor, the best men’s suits accentuate the wearer’s physical and posture strengths while downplaying his not so cool plays.

For example, larger men might want to choose a double-breasted suit because it has a slimming effect—contrary to popular belief. Men looking to accentuate their athleticism in a formal suit will want a coat with notched lapels while men wanting a slimmer, taller effect will do well with peaked lapels as opposed to shawl-lapeled suit coats.    

What’s the Occasion?

The classic tuxedo feels and looks ready for a wedding or gala dinner party than it does for the boardroom. Despite its flexibility, the single-breasted suit is sure to look and feel out of place in a more casual space. Keep in mind the suit is your first impression—it speaks volumes about you before you can utter a word from your lips.

Also, keep your area’s climatic condition in mind. For example, if you need a suit for regular office utility in summer months, but your office is heavily air-conditioned, you might not have to change the fabric or lining you’d normally have on a colder-weather pair.   

What’s Your Style?

Single-breasted or double; pleated or flat-front trousers; two-piece or three-piece; notch or peak lapel?

Want to strike a more contemporary look? The modern, slim-fit, and one-button suit can help you strike that sleek. Are you more classic and less minding of the latest fashion trends? A single-breasted, two-button men’s suit is your friend.

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You can also choose your cloth preferences—from wools to cotton to linen to flannel to even seersucker. If you are well-heeled and do not mind tailoring a bit of deluxe into your suits’ fabric, there are cashmere and vicuna cloths to choose from.

Men’s Suits Budget

Depending on all the above factors and then some, a good-, decent- to excellent-quality suit can range in price from $140 to $400 to $3,500. A true bespoke suit, for example, takes more time, skill and personalization to craft than a made-to-measure suit, making it more expensive than the latter. So men’s suits prices are largely subjective to personal preferences with every man’s pocket catered to by a fitting men’s suits store.

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