Simple Tips to Inculcate Customer Centric Culture in Your Organization

Founder of every company emphasizes upon building such an organization that “adds value to the customers” because business’ profitability depends upon the customer satisfaction. Serving customers uniquely and satisfactorily definitely gives your business competitive advantage. But this is not a simple task. In order to gain high score on customer satisfaction, it is vital to build customer service culture within an organization.

Achieve Customers’ Loyalty with Optimal Customer Experience

Customer service culture exists when a company’s goals, vision, mission and philosophies are customer-centric. Customer care support service is one of the departments of an organization, but offering satisfactory services to customers goes beyond the department and roles. Though, obsessed is a negative word, but companies feel good when they touted as “customer-obsessed”.

Of late, customers have spoilt for choices for everything. If any retailer is unable to service them satisfactorily, they will not take a fraction of second to switch to another service provider. So, optimal customer experience is the only way to retain customers and make them happy. – The Best Pick for Customer Centric Company

“We seek to become Earth’s most customer centric company” is the vision statement of one of the largest e-retailers of the world, Amazon. The vision is quite evident in all decisions company has taken so far. Incepted its e-store journey from selling books online, today it is a trillion dollar Company. Despite having business presence on international scale, it consistently tops the chart of the most customer centric organization in the world. Want to know why? Let’s spill the beans:

  • Every employee of company right from executive to CEO spends some days at the customer service desk in a year. This is the standard practice which ensures that every level of employee should hear to the customers and understand their requirements.
  • Jeff Bezos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of slated as “customer-obsessed leader”. He encourages his entire team to step into the customers’ shoes while taking any decision.
  • The e-retailer keeps introducing an element of innovation in all its services so that customers derive maximum gains.

In simple words, built” customer service culture” within the organization before winning the heart of every customer.

Tips to Build Customer Service Culture

Efforts from every single employee is mandatory for building customer experience culture in an organization. Defining customer-oriented principles and following them in real-life situations will help companies in offering customer-focused solutions. If you are still thinking how to do it, here is the quick guide for your reference.

Define Clearly Meaning of Great Customer Experience

Simply, satisfying your customer has become a matter of passion. It is the high time to focus on “surprising and delighting your customers above all”. Try to understand their preferences and deliver them what they actually do not convey—“convenience”. In order to achieve great customer experience, gather answers of following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are their expectations when they visit your website or store?
  • What would comprise an ideal customer experience for them?

Once, you gather the answers; ensure to sensitize it to every employee of organization clearly leaving no scope of ambiguity.

Integrate Customer Satisfaction in Company’s Philosophy

Synchronize your company’s vision with the company philosophy. Once, the company vision embeds into the company core values, every employee will naturally follow it on priority basis. For instance, company A claims that customer satisfaction is main business goal. If any customer is not satisfied the company’s services and is asking for refund, then it’s important that company policies are designed in a manner that refunds are hassle free to retain the customer. It is equally important both for customer service agents and accounts’ department to perform their job roles diligently. The former should give assurance to customers that refund will be processed in particular time frame and the latter make necessary attempts that within the turnaround time, the refund will process. Rather than mere offering a lip service of customer satisfaction, this is the best way to speak loud and clear that you really work hard to satisfy your customers.

Advocate and Support Employees

Before expecting anything from employees, it is prudent to check whether they truly understand your customer service goals or not and do they understand how to accomplish them in their daily tasks. Share with them a situation and ask them randomly how to ensure best customer care support services in such scenario. Listen to your customer care agents’ call recordings to verify how they are implementing the business vision in real-life situations. Allow them to make mistakes, encourage them to learn from such mistakes. Make them understand how to handle same situation in a better manner. Authorize them to take decisions and train them on how to take decisions responsibly. Wherever possible, conduct role- plays with leaders and managers to provide agents better understanding of handling an agitated customer.

Hire the Right People

It’s always better to cultivate customer service environment in an organization from the starting. And for this hire employees wisely. Give more preference to personality traits rather than experience. Hire people with such mindset that will fit adequately in your customer service culture and ready to learn new things from their leaders and mentors.

Another way to ensure customer service culture in an organization is to hire people who have experience working in leading customer service outsourcing companies. Reason being, they know the art of delivering customer-centric solutions in every situation. Moreover, make sure to keep new hires and existing employees on the same ground to develop and promote customer-centric culture.

Train Everyone to Emphasis on Customer Servicing

Right from the very first day of employee, train them what would be customer service expectations, core philosophy of a business and how to showcase customer-centered attitude while offering services to customers. Do not create such impression that the training is for employees working in customer care service department. Regardless of department and job position, make it mandate for everyone to attend customer service training and workshops on regular basis. Inspire everyone to give their best shot to satisfy customers.

Service Recognition and Rewards

It is necessary to make employees accountable for their job roles. As soon as they join the company, make it crystal clear what are their key performance areas and parameters of evaluating their performances. Of course, the KPA ‘s and performance metrics vary from one department to another.

Moreover, do not forget to appreciate the efforts of those workers who have gone extra mile to bring smile on customers’ faces. Appreciate them and reward them as per company’s policy. Motivate under-performers to do well next time.

It is important to bring customer service culture in the DNA of the company to outshine your competitors. It is never too late to strengthen and reinforce your brand in the eyes of customers by adopting customer-focused approach.

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