What to Look for When Buying Used Forklifts?

You’re driving around your area, and you see what could be a great deal –a used Toyota forklift for sale. But how can you tell if that used forklift is a good bargain – or just a waste of your time and money?

Here’s what to look for in a used forklift to ensure you get a great buy, every time:

Used – But Not Out of Production

Many people who find a used machine for sale encounter one that is no longer in production. This may be the reason the machine is for sale; some new vehicle retailers will dramatically discount a unit if it is no longer in production, to make room on their lots for newer machinery. However, an out-of-production status can be a major red flag.

Machines not under production may be harder to service. They may have parts that are not readily available for purchase, making replacement difficult. If repairs and upgrades are going to be difficult and expensive, you aren’t saving any money, are you?

Ensure Proper Previous Maintenance

Whoever owned the machine you’re looking to buy before you did will hopefully have been well-versed in how to care for it and keep it clean. A well-kept machine can last for many years and work well beyond its warranty – even taking on a second life or more through used sales.

If a machine was poorly kept, though, it will be more of a liability to your company than an asset. Repairs, replacements, and other costs associated with keeping an aging or faulty machine can make that “great buy” into a great mistake.

Signs of poor maintenance prior to sale include:

  • Excessive wear on the body of the machine
  • Leakage of fluid from any part of the machine
  • Safety features that haven’t been updated to current standards
  • Slow or difficult engine starting
  • Smoke coming from any part of the vehicle
  • Difficulty in maneuvering or manipulating the vehicle’s moving parts

Always ask for a maintenance record when considering a major purchase like heavy machinery. You may want to hesitate on purchasing if your machine was previously used in a food processing or foundry setting – since this can cause some issues with maintenance in the best of situations.

Also, be sure to ask for a test drive of your potential purchase. You wouldn’t commit to an automobile for personal use without one, so why buy a machine that will be important to your business without the same precaution? It will give you a good idea of the vehicle’s condition and issues – and how willing the salesperson is to accommodate your needs.

Used Toyota for klifts for sale can be a great find –and a great deal. Just be sure you understand how to properly shop for themand do so with a reputable retailer of both new and used heavy machinery. You’ll beglad you spent the extra time and effort to find the right machine at the rightprice – and so will your business.

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