Why you should replace your fluorescent light diffuser covers?

Fluorescent lighting has become a very popular option for many homes and businesses. It can be highly cost-effective and last a long time, but this type of lighting can also be hard on the eyes, skin and even some furniture if the bulbs are left uncovered. Fluorescent light bulbs give off a lot of UV radiation. If you decide to use these bulbs, here are a few main reasons why you want to use covers and decorative fluorescent light diffuser covers.

  1. Fluorescent lights can cause headaches.

If you spend your entire day around fluorescent lighting, it can cause headaches from extra eye strain. These bulbs emit UV light all day long, so depending on how many are in your office and how they are laid out. If using tubes, the flickers can also cause headaches. The same can be true with uncovered CFLs. This issue can be even worse with older bulbs. You can even find decorative fluorescent light diffuser covers that are not only effective, but also provide a style that you like and match your taste.

  1. Fluorescent lights can cause an annoying glare.

Fluorescent light bulbs that are left uncovered can create a glare that also strains the eyes. This can be true for offices and homes. Most eye strain at work is from looking at a computer screen. However, even if you are not in front of a computer all day, uncovered fluorescent lighting can create glare for whatever work you are doing, especially if you have to read a lot of documents. Even covered or defused bulbs can eventually increase glare if the covers begin to wear out. So, it’s important to update the covers to make sure they are working properly. If you have never used a cover or diffuser, you’ll no doubt instantly notice the difference.

  1. Fluorescents affect color rendering.

You may prefer soft light, cool, warm or daylight, but just about all fluorescent lighting can result in poor color rendering. This can cause problems if you work in a field that requires accurate colors, such as design, fashion, art, painting and more. Decorative fluorescent light diffuser covers can filter the light from the bulb, which will soften the overall look. One of the top complaints about fluorescent lighting is how people look. This can be altered with covers.

  1. Bad light distribution.

The distribution of the light can greatly depend on the layout of the room and where the light is needed. If your fluorescent light source is not distributing light the way you need it, a decorative fluorescent light diffuser cover can help distribute softer light over the entire area.

  1. Cracked or worn-out covers.

This reason may be the most obvious, but it also can be the most important. Covers that begin to crack can let light through, defeating their purpose. Don’t wait too long to replace them. When replacing them, make sure to get the right size.

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