10 Tips to Apply Airbrush Makeup Flawlessly

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars manage to keep their skin looking so perfect all the time? It’s actually because of their foundation. When makeup foundation is applied the right way, it can help conceal imperfections on your skin, as well as even out your skin tone. There are many ways to apply a foundation. But if you want to create a flawless, natural look, then you may want to try using an airbrush machine for foundation application.

Here are some useful tips you can use when using an airbrush machine.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Airbrush Machine

Airbrush makeup kits come in many different ways, such as automatic, single action, and double action. Before using your equipment, make sure to read and understand with the user manual—so you know how to use the machine correctly.

Find the Right Foundation for Your Skin

To avoid choosing the wrong foundation shade, make sure to check it out on different lighting. This will help ensure that you’re not buying a tangerine when you want to buy something with a peach shade.

Practice. Practice. Practice

If it’s your first time using an airbrush machine, then easyairbrushmakeup.com encourages you to practice using your machine without any foundation. This will help you get the feel of the airflow without wasting foundation. This also allows you to determine how far away the device should be from your face when you apply foundation.

Wash Your Face First

Washing your face before the application of foundation can help it adhere more evenly on your skin. You may also moisturize before applying airbrush makeup, as this reduces oily or dry skin—creating the best blank canvass for makeup.

Test the Pressure

Most compressors allow you to adjust the machine’s airflow pressure. You can practice on a piece of paper with water. Adjust the pressure as you practice until you find the right setting.

Remove Air Bubble in Your Foundation

If your foundation has air bubbles, you may experience spurts of foundation coming from the machine instead of a steady stream. So, you’ll end up with blotchy and uneven coverage. You can prevent this from happening by giving your foundation a good shake before using it.

Keep the Application Even

Apply the foundation in a circular motion to keep coverage even. However, if you have an uneven skin tone, you can try overcompensating. This means concentrating more on parts you want to conceal, such as the dark circles underneath the eyes.

Less is More

Remember, adding more foundation later is easier than having to take off if you go overboard. Start with a thin coverage then gradually add more foundation as needed.

Rest Your Skin

When applying foundation, allow your skin to dry between each layer. This will not just help ensure even application. It also helps you see what areas need more touch-ups. This way, you get to avoid blotches and patches.

Check Your Neck Your face is probably already flawless by this time. But don’t forget your neck. Blending your neck can help you get a more natural finish to your overall look.

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