5 Easy Gym Machines for Beginners To Start With

If you were never a gym person but have made your mind to begin the workout regime, going rigorous to start with is not a good idea. Here are five best and easy gym machine exercises like cable seated low row, you can begin your workout session to slowly understand the movement and flow.

Getting started on a workout regime means doing the basic first and learning the movement and the flow. Using the gym equipment incorrectly not just is the wastage of time but also harms and sometimes leads to injuries too. Hence, basic gym equipment like cable seated low row, leg press is good, to begin with. Here is the list of best gym equipment’s, which are effective for beginners without any doubt.

1. Leg Press: This is the easiest gym exercise when you begin your workout regime. All you have to do is keep your legs at a 90-degree angle along the plate and begin to push forward the plate. Slowly, come back in your actual position to complete one rep. This kind of equipment is also available with commercial gym equipment manufacturers like fitness-china.com and many others from where you can consider if you want it for your home gym.
2. Incline Chest Press: As you begin, this workout is perfect for your chest. On the incline bench, the user sits on the bench and holds the two bars to bring it forward towards the chest and slowly return to your starting position. Make sure to keep your elbows and hands in the same level without any dip.
3. Cable Seated Low Row: Having a strong back means strengthening your complete body and avoiding injuries. This is what the cable seated low row equipment does. All you have to do is adjust the seat and grip the bars. Keep your back straight and pull the handle towards your body. Once you return back to your start position, you complete one rep. This exercise is vital to make your back strong to lift weights.
4. Treadmill: This equipment is extremely easy to use and has a lot of benefits. It is the easy way out to burn calories quickly. All you have to do is run on the treadmill and burn your calories away. This exercise is best to increase your stamina to perform on other equipment slowly.

5. Lat Pull Down: Working on lifting your entire body, in the beginning, can be a difficult task; hence Lat Pull Down can work well where you can begin with low weights at the beginning and gradually increase the weight. Make sure till you cannot complete multiple reps in a good successful way, one should not increase the weight. Slide your legs on the equipment and grip the bar. Pull the bar towards your chest keeping your shoulder apart and back straight. Hold for few seconds and return to your original position.

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When you are new to gymming, the start has to be full of training and proper workout session. Going rigorous in the start can lead to injuries; hence, being slow and steady is a good idea leading to a successful long-run workout regime. Equipment’s like leg press, cable seated low row, treadmill, chest press, hanging leg raise are some of the good and proven exercises to train the muscles for the beginners.

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