5 Most Disturbing Truths of Ketogenic Weight Loss Diet

The keto or the ketogenic diet have gained a lot of popularity all around in recent times and all because of its effective and impressive results in weight loss. The keto diet plan promotes high fat, moderate proteins and very low carbohydrate meal plan, which always have its positives, but has a lot of disturbing truths that probably gets hidden, just because of its effectiveness in weight loss. 

According to the best dietitian in Delhi for weight loss, dietitian Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic, intense low-carb and high-fat diet can have a lot of adverse effects on the human body. When we deprive the body of carbohydrates, which is the primary source of energy for the body, it enters the state of ketosis. It is here the diet earns its name. 

Now, ketosis is an intense state and in here the body needs to make huge adjustments in its functionality. The first and the most important is running on alternate fuel source – instead of carbs, it derives its energy from fats. 

As per Sheela Seharawat ad some best & dietitian in India, ketosis is considered as a state of medical emergency. Although it is very effective in eliminating any insulin related problems in the body and promote effective weight loss, but still the body needs all the essential vitamins and minerals to thrive optimally. Certainly, when we eliminate a complete food group from our diet like legumes and whole grains, there ae certain price that we will have to pay for.

Here are some very disturbing facts and truths of the ketogenic diet:

  1. It does not advocate calorie restriction

It is calorie restriction and always remember it is not at all calorie deprivation. Restricting calories has many health benefits along with stopping our bodies to oxidize and age faster. But at the same time restricting calories on and on I not something that is to be celebrated. One of the major reason is that it initiates weight loss without any dieting or even exercising. That is not good at all.

  1. It might give you flu like symptoms

Keto flu is what it is addresses with. Shifting dramatically from carbs to fat can give you flu like effects. Weakness or fatigue, nausea, headache, diarrhea or constipation, muscle cramps, bad breath, skin rashes, and mood swings are some of the common symptoms that you might experience for about a week or a bit more. 

  1. You may face deficiency of micronutrients

Following a ketogenic diet, you may be not allowed a lot of fruits and vegetables as these two food groups contains natural carbs. You must know that a diet low in fruits and vegetables can put you in serious deficiency of many vitamins and minerals. At the same time the body is also deprived of valuable and good quality fibers. Lack of fibers can make you constipated and invited many other diseases. 

  1. There are always chances of getting kidney stones

Keto have been related many a times with increased risks of kidney stones and other kidney diseases. It is all attributed to the higher protein intake that puts intense stress on a person’s kidney. Also eating more of proteins overloads the kidney and particularly meat and meat products.

  1. It can impact your mental health

It could be very exhausting keeping track of carbs and can affect your mental and physical abilities. This phenomenon does not apply only to keto, but with most of the diets. As you miss out on many foods, special meals, going out with friends and peers is not at all a pleasant experience and gives a lot of mental stress. 

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