7 Best Airbrush Foundation Options

Airbrush may just be the future of makeup. Its innovation in the makeup industry has led it to become one of the most widely-used tools by celebrities, and now even by ordinary people.

The first thing you need to secure is your foundation. Without it, the other colors and makeup you’ll be selecting won’t stand out as much. Choosing the right type of foundation for your skin can be a bit tricky since there are plenty of choices in the market. However, the usual suggestion is to choose a shade that’s one or two tones lighter than your own for easy blending. You can also look at the color of your inside wrist to see what the preferable tone for your foundation will be.

Here are a few other considerations to make when choosing your foundation:

•    Quality – The quality of your foundation should allow it to be applied evenly and smoothly across your skin. Avoid foundations that bubble up and leave bumpy marks across your skin when used.

•    Application procedure – Depending on the type of foundation that you purchase, you may need to check the application procedures of the product you’re buying. Some may require you to spray it on, especially if they’re water-based, but others may come with special instructions.

•    Skin tone shade – As mentioned earlier, skin tone shade matters a lot when it comes to foundations. This is crucial because it will allow you to choose the right or wrong shade for your skin.

•    Finish – Airbrush foundations come with different formulas. Some may only require a light application to give an effect of even coverage. However, most will need more application to achieve fuller coverage. Check the labels, or consult with your local beauty expert on what the best finishing is to use.

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to check out your options. Here are our top picks for the best airbrush makeup foundation this year:

1.    Bellocio Airbrush Foundation

Bellocio is perfect for beginners who want to try and explore what works best for them. This water-based airbrush foundation comes equipped with antioxidants and moisturizers. Its coverage leaves a radiant skin effect that works for all types of skin, especially those with sensitive skin.

2.    Luminess Airbrush Foundation

The Luminess Airbrush Foundation creates a flawless and natural look. The foundation comes with various special formulas like matte finish, satin white, and ultra finish. These work best with dry skin, and look good in matte.

3.    Temptu S/B Foundation

Although it’s silicone-based, Temptu S/B foundation creates a great skin-like finish that lasts all day. Its hypoallergenic properties make it good for those with sensitive skin.

4.    Diorskin Airflash Makeup Finish by Dior

You won’t need to over-apply anything for your foundation to cover a large amount of skin area immediately with the Dior Airflash Makeup Finish by Dior. This foundation is cost-efficient and creates a natural silky look with the skin.

5.    Dinair Airbrush Foundation

The best part about Dinair Airbrush foundation is that it’s free of harmful components that trigger allergic reactions. The entire kit also comes with other shades for different skin tones. 

6.    Art of Air

Art of Air is sure to hide all those glaring blemishes with its unique formula. Even if the foundation is applied on wrinkles, it magically soothes away the crevices.

7.    Boudoir Mist Spray by Napoleon Boudoir Mist Spray will give you your money’s worth. This spray is a great way to leave a natural and flawless glow without hurting your pocket.

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