A Rug-Ged Matter: Defining Your Kitchen Rugs

A Rug-Ged Matter: Defining Your Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen area rugs are an excellent way to infuse colour and designs into kitchens, helping break the monotonous look all around and providing comfort to people standing there for long periods of time. While one would distance the thought of a rug in a room prone to spillages, households today are increasingly using kitchen rugs to make cooking and preparing food a livelier experience. The support for the kitchen rug stems from the fact that the kitchen is easily the most used room of a house, and a rug there will do wonders to the decor and aesthetics of the house.

An important issue which concerns people regarding kitchen area rugs is what type of rug they should buy. A general rule stands that a kitchen arearug should have ‘breathing space’, i.e. there must be certain uniform width between the rug and the edges of the kitchen, the lack of which would make the kitchen look cluttered. Also, there are quite some factors to consider while choosing the perfect rug for the kitchen. It is necessary to consider all the aspects mentioned below:

Colour pattern of the kitchen:

If the kitchen colour is composed of a single colour or pattern throughout, then the kitchen rug should definitely not be of the same colour or pattern. This would make the room a confusing experience. Light coloured rooms could match with darker coloured rugs and vice versa, such that the rugs blend with the decor in contrast.

Shape of the kitchen:

This is an important determining factor again. Kitchens may be perfectly rectangular; square-shaped or have narrow stretches (also seen in kitchens having the island arrangement). Hence, such arrangements demand selective choice of kitchen area rugs. While an oval- shaped rug will brighten up the room and lend it a soft and casual feel, a rectangular kitchen rug provides a more formal look. And runners are the perfect rugs for long and narrow stretches.

Type of Rugs:

Rugs may be of woven, plastic floor mats and runners, and various others. Woven rugs are intricately designed and give an elaborate look to the kitchen surface, and they are usually used for covering big open spaces under kitchen furnishings and fixtures. Enterprises like Rugs House India present intricately woven rugs for kitchens.  Whereas, plastic floor mats are gradually finding acceptance for their durability and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. They are expensive but compensate for longevity. Runners are more popular in small-sized narrow kitchens and give people greater comfort to stand on for longer time periods while working. They also provide a dash colour to liven up such kitchens.

Maintenance Ability:

A dirty kitchen area rug would only spoil the decor of the room and be an unpleasant sight. Hence, maintenance ability of the users would determine their purchases. Users having time constraints should go for low-maintenance and washable rugs, which remove the spillages in no time. Otherwise, only those able to follow the cleaning procedure for different rugs should purchase according to their choices.

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