Are Rompers Back in Women Fashion?

Most fashion trends have a cycle. They emerge, get immensely popular, they saturate and they die out, replaced by other styles. Days pass and one fine day, you see an inkling of the old fashion reinstated in a new form and the whole cycle begins anew.

Rompers have also been the victim of this everlasting fashion cycle. A romper is a unique one-piece garment which is a mixture of a top and shorts. The style first reared its head in the early part of the 1900s in the United States.

The apparel was first envisioned for infants and younger children. The soft fabric and the loose design of the rompers made it ideal for easy movement. They became very famous in the Victorian era for children because of their ease of wear and also pose a challenge to the more conservative style of the past eras.

Famous women’s wholesale fashion brands soon realized the potential that was in the rompers and started designing rompers even for adult females. The rompers first became popular among adult women in the 1950s and then again came back into style in the 1970s.

In the early 1940s, rompers were described as “playthings” that were most favored during the summertime. They were usually donned outdoors especially in the beaches and backyards to soak the sun or as light sportswear.

Vintage playsuits were also famous for matching overskirts. The skirt was typically longer than the shorts that came to the low thigh or more knee length relying upon the age and adventurous level of the wearer. The removable skirt enabled ladies to wear the outfit openly like a dress, however, take it off when needed during sports or swimming. Shorts were still too short to be in any way worn in broad daylight settings, for example, to the motion pictures or to lunch with companions.

In the 1970s rompers were generally an easygoing piece of clothing made of terrycloth. Rompers were extreme famous as tube top style. As the decade changed, and 1980s came, the rompers became more expressive and started to be made out of a number of different materials. Of note, David Bowie, a rock legend, was seen donning a red romper during his famous Ziggy Stardust era.

Since 2006, rompers have appreciated a major renaissance as a trendy article of clothing for ladies, made popular by many wholesale women’s clothing brands. A few fashion designers have presented fashion shows that included romper suits and they are offered by numerous retailers. Originators incorporate Deborah Sweeney and Juliette Hogan.

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