Benefits of Leg Press – Why & How to Do the Leg Press

If you want stronger, more defined legs and glutes, leg press is the ultimate solution. The exercise involves pushing a weighted platform upwards with your legs on a leg press machine. It is a powerful lower body workout that exercises your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps in a single machine.

In this post, we discuss the amazing benefits of leg press exercise and the correct form to do the exercise safely.

Leg Press Benefits

  1. Strengthen your main lower muscles

Leg press engages your biggest lower muscles –gluteus Maximus, hamstring, and quadriceps. Strengthening these muscles enables you to do other fundamental exercises like squats, cardio, and deadlift much easily. It also improves your balance and stability when walking, standing, and running.

  • It’s great for injury prevention

One of the adverse effects of running, squats, and sports is a torn or pulled hamstring. The injury can be excruciating and, in worse cases, require surgery. Leg press strengthens the hamstring and consequently reduces the likelihood of developing a torn hamstring when working out.

Back injuries are also common if you do barbell squats and other glute-strengthening exercises. Besides the fact that leg press gives you the same results as weighted squats, it’s also a less dangerous workout for your back.

  • Strengthens bones

Its common knowledge that exercises, including leg press, strengthen and enhance your muscles. Most people don’t know that all that pushing activates the osteoblasts in your bones and, consequently, produces bone mass. You will have stronger and thicker bones, which will come in handy in old age when bones begin to weaken.

  • Better looking body

All things said and done, the best advantage of leg press is better-looking glutes, legs, and thighs. It also strengthens your core and improves your performance in sports and other workouts. You will have more defined curves in all the right places and a stronger skeletal structure.

Best Form for Leg Press Exercise

As with other exercises, proper form is critical to reduce the risk of injuries and maximize the results. As a beginner, you should start light and slowly build up to a heavier weight. That said, here is the correct way to use a leg press machine.

  • Keep your lower back and head flat against the seat. If you find yourself getting up, you are probably lifting too much weight.
  • Use your heel to lift the platform, not your toes.
  • Don’t lock your knees out when straightening your legs as this will cause knee injury. You can avoid this by placing your legs hip-width apart.
  • Do controlled movements as you lift up and go down instead of a fast jerking motion.
  • Keep your buttocks fixed on the platform to avoid back injury.

Leg press is a fantastic workout if you want a stronger body, sexier butt and legs, and, most importantly, more endurance when doing other exercises. However, it’s important to note that leg press is not a compound exercise, so it does not work out your smaller muscles or function as a full workout. You still need to do your squats, cardio and lift weights to benefit from a full-body workout.

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