Boat Business: Know the Pros and Cons of It

Boat Business

All the families used to sail and build boats. Whenever there is a flood in the districts around Kanpur, the administration, police, and panchayat people come to Sarsaiya Ghat in Kanpur to buy boats.

Nanhe Kewat says, “My made boat goes to many places, like Rampur, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, etc.” Boats are made in only two places in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, and Allahabad. Boats in both places differ. In Kanpur, the boat is made of iron sheet and in Allahabad, it is made of wood.

Boat only support

Most boats of a small boat are 12 feet long and six feet wide. They need four days to build such a boat and it costs 12,000 rupees. 12 people can sit comfortably in such a boat. They do not keep track of how many boats a small boat makes in a month or a year.

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Anirudh Dubey, a meteorologist at Chandrashekhar Azad Agricultural University in Kanpur, says, “The slopes of the state’s land are from west to east and north to south. Therefore, there is a danger of flooding in the eastern, southern and lowland regions.”

If there is rain in Uttarakhand, then there is flooding in the west and north. If there will be heavy rains in western and central Uttar Pradesh, the risk of flooding in the districts of the east would have increased. is.”

People say that time is changing, but there is very little mention of things that are changing with time. Many things are going missing. Tales have become part of the stories.

People who used to run daily bread with the help of their professions, now their buyers are not left nor artisans like before.

The market has its own ways, here it is surviving which is adapting itself according to the changed needs.

Second episode of BBC Hindi series on ‘Dumtekte Peshon’

Local journalist Alok Prakash Putul from Chhattisgarh has tried to know the condition of tin box and wooden toy car makers and ear cleaner.

Like today, suitcases, briefcases with branded companies were not the first.

Boxes of iron sheets were used earlier. The bride who used to visit her in-laws carried beautiful carved boxes.

School going children used to go to school with similar boxes. In the changing times, there is no buyer left for them.

There are few people left in small and big towns, who now make small boxes of tin on order.

In Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Bharat, the first toy for young children used to be a three-wheeled cart made of wood.

At that time, walkers were not allowed to walk in small towns and cities and children used to learn to walk with the help of these vehicles.

The practice of wooden bullock carts was very good in Central India. The carpenters who made and sold them are now few. And where are the buyers left!\

Ear cleaning was an art and it was a special talent to do this work.

A cotton swab in a small bag, a brass stick on your own ear and a little oil if necessary.

All these were used to clean the ears. Such people, who advise their customer to look at the ear first with special pay, and then after cleaning the ear, are now few.

Local journalist Rohit Ghosh, who is present in Kanpur, tells that twenty years ago today if someone needed passport photo immediately, he would reach the office.

There he used to find many photographers who used to stand with the Dabbanuma camera placed on the tripod. Photographers used to understand the customer.

Used to make the customer sit in front of the camera and put his head in the black cloth behind the camera to take pictures.

The photo was developed within a few moments of taking a photo. The process was fast, so such photos were also called instant photos.

Time changed. Polaroid cameras arrived. Time again took a turn. Polaroid has also stopped being built. 

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Some photographers keep their old boxed camera in front of their shop even today, but as a sign board.

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