Brijmohan Agarwal Family (wife & Son): All You Need To Know About Their Great Social Works

Brijmohan Agrawal is a well-known personality of Chhattisgarh. Born on 1 May 1959 and started his career as a politician by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party. He slowly emerged as the most popular leader in the state for all his good social and political work. He is a kind heart person who care for the welfare of the downtrodden, impoverished, dejects and the fail sections of the society. He is also known for working for the improvement of the social life of women and children. Whenever he found an opportunity, he never steps down to help people.

He is known for serving people all across the classes, culture, caste and religion. This is the reason that people call him ‘Mohan Bhaia’ and he is known as the servant of people of Chhattisgarh. As a popular political leader, his servitude is an attribute that has increased his popularity and developed him as a popular leader in the party and the state. When it comes to the great achievement of Brijmohan as a political leader of Chhattisgarh, here are few important achievements.

– In 2005 he became culture and tourism, Revenue, law and Rehabilitation minister
– In 2006 he was deliberated additional charge of sports, forest and youth affairs
– In 2008, he became the minister of Public Works Department, School Education, Parliamentary Affairs, Tourism and Endowment Trust Culture under the Raman Singh government.
– In 2013 he became minister of Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Fish earing and water resources that increased his challenger and responsibilities towards the people of Chhattisgarh
– He also prepared the action plan for developing the Sirpur tourist destination in the state. He has promoted tourism in the state and even launched and encouraged the art of folk artist in the state.

His good work includes beautification and revamping of several public places, infrastructural development, new gardens under his ministry. He also awarded Krushi Karman award in 2014 from the central government for achieving a record production of grains in the state. This is the reason, BJP won several elections in the state and his active leadership is helping the party to enjoy high popularity. It is also noted that he is desperate to stand by the deprived people, provide the funds for the development of health and education. He has also helped disabled people by providing them tricycles and assisting in the marriages of the girls from the poor families.
When it comes to social work, Brijmohan Agrawal wife and son also set several examples of being social and working for the upliftment of deprived people. The family of Brijmohan is popular in the state and has a great social life. This can be seen in the number of guests and wishes his family received at the birthday party of his son and wife. His son Abhishek also donates decent money yearly for the support of the education of poor children, orphans and in marriages of girls.
Brijmohan Agrawal son and the entire family is known for working for the welfare of the people. They are kind-hearted and support people financially and emotionally when needed. His family believe in working for the best of people and even participate in social activities that motivate people to work hard for the noble cause. The entire family never make use of the political power for their personal benefit. They believe in making the lives of other people better and ensure that no harm is done to others while operating their business.
This is the reason that Brijmohan and his family remains in news over social media for different social works and other good reasons.

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