ECommerce Website Designs that will inspire you

For an e-commerce website, its layout and design are as important as the design of the website can create a good first impression. Other than that, it can impact your sales and increase or decrease conversion rates.

When your e-commerce website is designed well, it is user-friendly and helps people search, and buy your products more easily. It encourages customers to keep coming back to your website, which increases your user base and sales.

Ideas to make your website exceptional

1.            Create emotional connection

A website will sell more products if it invokes an emotional response from its audience. Every element like the color or image should make the customer feel some emotions so that they select your website over others. It is necessary to know your audience so that you can use elements that invoke their emotions while matching the tone of your brand.

2.            Quality images from every angle

The advantage of going to a physical store to buy a product is that you can see and feel the item. That you cannot do on a website, but still an owner can provide quality images from all the angles, so that the user can see the product well.

3.            Try before you buy option

Another element that can make your brand stand apart is ‘try before you buy’ option. In this, you let the people try the product, and give them limited time to buy it or return it. It is great, especially for fashion websites, as most people would like to try the clothes before buying it.

4.            All device friendly

Create a website that works on all devices. Most people shop online using mobiles, but others switch between web and mobile and your website should be optimized for all devices.

5.            Easy shopping experience

Make sure your website offers a seamless and easy shopping experience. A customer should not have to wait or go through lots of pages to make the payment. If it happens, they will never make another purchase from your website.

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Inspirational website ideas

Let’s take a look at some of the best websites and see what makes them unique which you can take inspiration from.

1.            Free people

The layout of your website is important as it attracts people, and also makes them stay. Let it be simple so that people can use it easily, but make it aesthetically pleasing too. Take a cue from the Free People website that has a simple but impressive layout. It is great because:

  • It is a unique design with a simple layout of models wearing gorgeous clothes and accessories.
  • It has a thin font and retro illustration, which makes the layout stand out.
  • Its navigation is clear, and the header offers its latest specials and offers.

2.            SouthSea

It is important to well-present your large inventory, and the website of SouthSea does exactly this. It offers a full-width and large slider including eye-catching and appealing images of their products.

They well-maintain their large inventory using categories and sub-categories.

3.            One Horse Shy

It is important to make your product central, and let the people buy them without getting distracted. You can take inspiration from One Horse Shy website that creates funky T-shirts. The website has a memorable look and offers all the T-shirt designs on their home-page which makes browsing and buying them easy.

4.            Urban Originals

The website of Urban Originals offers large, beautiful, and full-width slider on their homepage itself. The slider shows high-quality images of their product on models that are using them. The design of the rest of the website is simple giving much-needed focus to the product.

They use unique fonts, but nothing that would distract the customer from the product. It is a great example to take inspiration for your website.

5.            Chic at Home

If you are creating a website for your furniture business, then you should look at this website. It has a clean and breezy look which makes the site impressive. It uses airy fonts, amazing images and minimal layout to focus on the product.

6.            Mulberry

It uses a simple layout and puts all the focus on the product that uses an artistic way to present them. It makes the audience focus on the uniqueness that the brand provides. Take inspiration from them to create a separate fan-base for your brand.

Take inspiration from numerous successful websites, but make a website that stands true to your brand and your audience.

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