Help Of Referrals to Grow The General Counsel Services In India

Referrals are one of the most positive sources of business for legal professionals and lawyers. Not only does it help in obtaining more work, but they are one of the newest sources of business. However, when most of the law practitioners think about marketing their business, they do not consider referrals.

What they do not realize is that referrals are an integral part of marketing and they can influence the legal business to a great extent. The chances are that a major part of your new business comes from the clients with which you are presently dealing as people prefer to do business with the people they already know and eventually, it creates a large network of clients.

For a personal client, the recommendation removes the anxiety and uncertainty from the prospective client and it is especially true from the perspective of a law practice as procuring a new law service is viewed as a stressful situation. On the other hand, it is also quite challenging for the law business to acquire new clients. The chances of obtaining new clients for a practice increase when they follow the referral programs.

A referral is considered an effective source of business development technique as it makes it easy to build the trust that is significant in selling the legal services that are intangible in nature. When an existing client communicates good feelings about you to another person and recommends your business, it makes the sales process seamless and allows the law firms to create a rewarding relationship with the customers.

The following points explain the value of referrals for legal services.

  • Receiving the referrals

Generally, it has been observed that clients do not offer referrals. However, when you leave them feeling satisfied, they can refer more clients to your general counsel services in India when you ask for it. It is believed that everyone in the networking circle knows many people.

So if you have a record of the number of clients you are serving presently, you can multiply it with the number of people that your clients know.  When it comes to obtaining such an enormous number of clients through the referral program, you have every reason to be proactive about it.

  • Try to stay specific about your needs

You need not ask if your clients can refer your service to those people who need a lawyer. You can make it easy and smooth for them to provide the recommendation for your law website through links to specific pages on the internet or through the comments form. Apart from this, you can also provide them with a brochure containing information about your services for them to share with those people who might need your services.

  • Weekly goal

When you measure something properly, the work is usually completed. Similarly, when it comes to establishing a goal for the number of referrals you receive every week, you may not get all of them, but even if you get a few or a couple of them, it helps your in-house legal services to grow.

What is important is your efforts and not the results or the outcome of those efforts. Using network events, client meetings, and social gatherings as opportunities to get referrals is a good way to encourage your business to grow.

  • Time it perfectly

While many of the legal service firms try to get referrals from the existing base of clients, they do not know when to ask for it. The best time to ask for it is when the clients appreciate your work. You can thank them for the feelings of appreciation and request them to refer your service to the people who they feel may require a lawyer. However, try to gauge the comfort level of your clients before asking for such favors.

  • Give and obtain

Based on your practice, your clients may have businesses of their own for promotion and offer to refer them to the people you know as it provides a good opportunity to get more clients in return. When you take the first step of referral, they are going to utilize the opportunity to reciprocate.

Thanking for referral

When you get the referral, do not forget to thank your clients and keep them updated if the referral turns to a new client. You can provide a thank you note to boost the referral relationship in the long run.

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