How Can Promises of Electronic Health Records be Fulfilled?

EHRs or electronic health records are the digital library of a patient’s medical history. These data archives contain diagnosis, treatment plans, laboratory reports, etc. The access to these archives is reserved for authorised medical personnel only, which usually stretches over several professionals in doctors, laboratory experts, nurses, patients and family, etc. 

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, currently the 2016 version is operational while previously it was the 2013 variant; and by 2030 Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is to be implemented.

Along with the hardware and software involved, there are some network fees involved for maintenance and access. Training respective personnel for proper controlling is imperative too. While the whole setup can be pricey, it can be easily financed with the help of a doctor loan.

Another worthy addition to the setup is practice management software. Along with EHRs, these can manage all the functionality of the medical centre, irrespective of whether a small clinic or a hospital. For immediate impact, interested users should go through a-z guide of hospital management and billing software before going on to installing them.

  • Integrating EHR began in India in 2009
  • 3 of the biggest medical institutes in the country – Shankara Netralaya, Max Group and Apollo group adopted EHR for better functioning.
  • Countries like Canada, England, and Germany have 91%, 96%, and 90% EHR implementation, respectively.

Advantages of EHRs:

  • There has been tremendous improvement of healthcare with much more prompt response in terms of diagnosis as well as treatment.
  • Marked improvement in patient engagement has not just improved patient experience but also bettered treatment itself.
  • Replacing the sorting through a bunch of documents with refined computerised search has made the system time efficient and effective.
  • Integrating apps like lybrate for doctors has made physician access easy for patients while it has also made convenient for doctors to access the whole medical history at a go.

Necessary improvements:

While the advantages are quite defining and deafening, prolonged users have had few qualms about certain aspects. Though not detrimental at the slightest, these hindrances can be easily handled in order to unleash the complete promise of electronic health records.

  • Privacy and security concerns: Most primary of all concerns is that of security. Privacy of patient information is of paramount importance, but with computerised setup and digital data transfer, chances of hacking can remains rampant. With several digital systems taking charge of medical care, there are several things to consider before implementing hospital information system.

Such concerns have already led governments to fix security parameters on data transfer. Also, more secure versions of the EHRs are being developed to protect data against any hacking.

  • EHR impositions: Often doctors prefer to get extra tests done in order to be sure about certain medical conditions. In the case of EHR, the system might choose to block such tests. With evolving EHRs, however, such hindrances are being handled with more control for doctors.
  • Dependence on technology: Dependence on technology can be detrimental in case of healthcare if the system suddenly crashes. As a result, it is imperative to maintain as well as learn the essentials of clinic management in order to handle such a situation.
  • Malpractice and liability concerns: Loss of data can lead to detrimental effect on treatment. This can be handled with adequate backup. Also, there always remains the necessity of prompt updating in order to maintain the flow of treatment.

With evolving solutions and efficiency driven needs, electronic hospital records are fast becoming integral parts of established medical institutions. While its cost can be a matter of concern, easy loans from companies like Bajaj Finserv ensure hassle-free installation of the complete setup. 

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While the hindrances can be easily handled with minor adjustments, the advantages of its smooth functioning greatly outweigh them. It is advisable for any hospital or clinic looking to expand their setup to look into EHR since this especially assures better services for the patients, future and present.

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