How to Express Different Emotions with Flowers

Express Different Emotions with Flowers

Flowers are always the first things that come to our mind whenever we have to express anything to someone. Be it expressing love or just cheering up your favorite person, flowers are always the best things for all occasions. Sometimes when words are just not enough to emote in the situation, it is flowers that come to the rescue. 

With the increased use of the internet and digital media, it is now easy to order cake online in Delhi or any other major metro city across India even though someone is sitting miles away. Research over the years has shown how flowers bring a sense of positivity and goodwill in any person’s mind. 

Flowers uplift anyone’s mood and bring in happiness. There are however a huge number of flowers of different varieties that are available out there each denoting a different emotion suiting different moods and occasions. Therefore, choosing the right flower for denoting the right occasion becomes really important. 

While there is no fixed set rule while deciding on the same, it is necessary to keep some basic ideas in mind while deciding on choices. The choice of flowers for different emotions also changes according to the culture and customs of a place. To make things easier for you when you decide to send flowers to Bangalore or anywhere, we have come up with the list of different types of flowers that suit different emotions.

Red Flowers like roses or carnations denote love or passion. They mean a certain level of adventure or romance. Red flowers are almost synonymous with love and whether is it anniversary flowers or birthday flowers, red flowers definitely find their place in a bouquet of flowers. Professing love to someone or just cheering up your girlfriend/boyfriend, red flowers are the most popular options. Valentine’s Day and many other special occasions are almost incomplete without red flowers.

Pink flowers like orchids are subtle and denote gentleness or happiness. Pink is a colour which women love and it is extremely for occasions like Women’s Day. There is a certain level of kindness and tenderness attached with pink flowers. Pink flowers are the kind of flowers you would gift your mothers or teachers. They show a level of appreciation or admiration for someone we totally respect and adore.

White flowers find their use in a number of special occasions. Their use ranges from funerals to being part of bouquets for happy occasions. Lilies and jasmines are examples of white flowers that can be used in a couple of occasions. White flowers are part of many sacred and religious ceremonies across many cultures, they are also on the other hand compulsory items on occasions of bereavement. 

It is believed white flowers bring in positivity and happiness in any space. Therefore, they find their presence in bouquets for weddings and housewarming parties. White flowers are signals of hope.

Yellow flowers have different meanings and uses in different countries and cultures. In some countries they denote sadness while in countries like France they denote jealousy. However, beyond all this, yellow is a colour that is bright and radiant. They signify warmth and love for someone. 

Yellow flowers because of their striking appearance can cast a lasting impression on someone’s mind and they can cheer up anyone when they are going through a low phase. Congratulating someone, wishing someone get well soon or just to make someone smile, yellow flowers definitely suit any occasion.

Purple is a color that depicts royalty. It denotes legacy and tradition. They are generally gifted to special people on special occasions. Such flowers are unique and we gift them to our close family members or friends to celebrate their success together. Purple flowers are anyway rare and therefore gifting them to someone symbolizes that they are special and important. 

Orange flowers symbolize warmth, joy, and happiness. They radiate positivity and due to their bold appearance totally capture a place in the mind. Orange flowers can be used to greet someone or to wish someone better success in any endeavors they undertake. Gifting these to someone denotes that you wish well of them. 

Different flowers of various types and varieties denote different emotions in different places across the world. All flowers denote positivity and happiness. Different types of flowers can suit different occasions and situations. They definitely add more significance to gifts and messages. 
Flowers have the power to cheer up anyone and bring in a sense of warmth and joy in a person. Though there are lots of options for online flower delivery in Pune, Bloomsvilla with a huge range of options in flowers of different types and colors on their website can surely be used for expressing all kinds of emotions. They also offer midnight and same-day delivery in case you want to order anniversary flowers or for any other occasion.

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