How to plan an African Safari profitably

Africa has been blessed with attractions that make it one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations with a host of African Safari Packages. The exposure to the wild can be a reminder of the primitive ways of our ancestors. Africa offers a diverse range of natural experiences covering wildlife, mountains, cultural activities, beautiful beaches and so on. However, there are many parks and game reserves in remote locations providing exemplary opportunities for Safari rides. The procession of African Safari can be daunting for beginners. You might consider getting some useful suggestions to make the most of your time and not miss the hidden gems.

Time: The moments spent on game drive are the most precious ones. The early morning is the magical time for the jungle. It is when the actions happen. The naps should be saved for the heat of the day as is the norm with wildlife.You would be wise to plan a three night stay. Dry season is the most popular time to go for a Safari. The dry weather necessitates that animals visit the few water resources available in the forest. Hence, the best time to spot the big five. If you want to watch annual migration, pick your season accordingly. African Safari Tours are best planned with the help of expert advice from travel companies.

Journey: You can save time by flying between parks, lodges and game reserves on charter aircraft. The recommendation, however, will be to take the road transport. Travelling through roads offers an exclusive feel of wildlife and an enticing view of locals and sceneries. It helps a lot if your driver is a local who can often give you valuable information. The rough and inaccessible roads demand that there be spare wheels in your car.

Research: Do your research! There are a lot of places and if you do not know the right ones to visit, you might regret it later on. There is a lot to know before you even decide to go. There are strict instructions to be followed about the rules and regulations in the forest. While viewing animals, there are specific dos and don’ts to be followed for certain animals. You also require to be vaccinated against diseases like yellow fever and carry anti-malaria tablets before the departure. Consider your budget and look for the most lucrative African Safari Packages to get the best deal.

Luggage: The inconveniences of the jungle are going to be real. There are necessities not to be missed. While medicines and first aid are usually at the top of the list, talk to an expert to see if you have covered all the medicines you might need. The shoes may be the best hard rubber pair you own but make sure you walk in them at least for a month before going. New shoes will give the nightmares you do not need those days. Carry a shower cap for your camera. Pick clothes that minimize your chances for being spotted by the animals. Choose colors based on the landscape to dissolve in the forest and see animals in their natural behavior.

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