How to Use Baby Changing Tables

How to use baby changing tables

Parents invest in a number of baby furniture to guarantee safety and comfort for the baby. The process of ensuring safety begins when the process of purchasing the furniture followed by the way it is positioned and finally, how it is used. Having knowledge on the three areas saves the baby from falling and risks associated with such falls. Furniture such as children’s tables and chairs and baby changing tables need to be carefully selected to prevent the risk of falls.

Thorough Inspection during Purchase

The safety begins during construction. Is the table or chair firm enough or is it wiggling? Remember babies move around during diaper change and this can cause falls. Check and ensure that the central part of the baby changing tables is slightly dipping. Even if the baby moves, it is almost impossible for the baby to fall.

Avoiding the Risks

Children are very active and the level of activity increases as they grow older. As the child becomes active, their level of curiosity increases. This explains why some children have been reported to hold onto a baby changing tables and fallen away during a diaper change. It takes a second for an infant to slip away and fall so be very cautious.

Securing the table

One danger associated with a changing table is tripping over. To avoid this, fasten the table to a wall using strong fasteners, heavy children can topple over the table so take care.  Inspect the changing table and children’s tables and chair often times. If you notice any damaged or loose part, repair it immediately.

Safety during Use

Babies like to see, touch and follow everything happening around them. They do not realize when they are in danger. Make sure you do not leave the baby on the table unattended to. If you need to attend to something, carry your baby with you. Before you start changing the baby, make sure everything you need is within the vicinity. Keep away anything that is harmful to the baby away from the baby’s reach. The babies put everything in the mouth and so you want to be sure they are safe from ingesting harmful substances. Use a safety harness to secure the baby. When choosing the mattress, avoid thick mattresses as they reduce the height of the protective barriers.

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