‘No Fail’ Tricks To Gain Weight Easily: A Hardgainers Guide


How often do you roll your eyes when people start preaching you with tips that can help you gain weight. Well, we understand the kind of effort that goes into dealing with a healthy weight gain. But now that you have got yourself all pumped up and motivated to take up this challenge, we are all ready to help!

Scroll down for some of the no fail tricks and tips that can help you gain weight in a natural way : 

  • Manage Your Calories

Not just losing weight requires proper management of calories, gaining some healthy weight requires it too. Make a meal plan and monitor the overall calories consumed by you in a day. This will help you with a calorie-deficit state whilst helping in your weight gain regime.

  • Eat A Carb-Rich Diet

Carbs have got to be your best buddies. Have a carb and protein rich breakfast in order to keep a good balance of nutrients in your diet. Include banana, potatoes,white rice, meat, eggs etc for a carb rich diet plan.

  • Drink Less Water During Meals

Do not cut on your diet by drinking plenty of water right before your meals. This makes you eat less portion of your diet leaving you on a less calorie state. Drink water 40-45 minutes after your meal for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body.

  • Try Some Supplements 

You can also try your hands on some of the weight gainers in the market that are one sure way to boost your routine.Weight gainer is specially formulated with healthy carbs, protein and essential nutrients. 

  • Workout

An effective weight training with the right exercise can help you put on some healthy weight. Talk to your trainer or look up on Youtube (if you are working out at home) for a proper fitness plan for your weight gain routine. Do not feel shy to walk up and ask questions to your trainer. Be open about your health issues and problems that come along your way while working out in the gym.

  • Eat Dairy Foods & Items

It is time for you to snack and eat a lot of your favourite dairy items. Milk, cheese, paneer, yoghurt and what not. Milk is one of the best food sources that will help you gain weight in just no time. Enriched with calcium and other essential nutrients, milk has to be a part of your daily diet.

  • Be Motivated & Consistent

Stay motivated, consistent and happy. This will surely help you reach your fitness goals in a positive manner. Look ahead of the times when you are going to slay in your summer body.

No matter how difficult it is to follow a strict diet and a routine, the result is surely going to be fruitful and worth all your effort. Also, heredity also plays a major role in your overall body weight. But with an effective training and a good meal plan, you can control and reduce your genetically predetermined weight.

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