Security concerns prompt installation of aluminium doors in today’s homes and offices

Security is, and remains, the foremost concern while choosing the right material for making doors and windows. The door at the entrance is the first level of security that keeps intruders away from breaching the privacy of those living inside or thwarting off any attempt at robbery or unforeseen mischief. For this, aluminium doors are now a preferred choice owing to the durability, resistance to weather conditions and glossy look of the metal. This explains why an increasing number of homes or offices are now fitted with aluminium casement doors that can be fashioned for both inward and outward movement as per requirements.

Why choose aluminium doors over others?

Slim and solid coupled with a streamlined aesthetic appeal, aluminium doors are a rage in contemporary buildings, be it for residential or commercial purposes. The level of strength and stability that aluminium has to offer coupled with its insulation quality, unlike most other metals, makes aluminium the best fit for making the entrance doors at one’s place. Many homes or offices designed around current trends are now installing aluminium doors fitted with double-glazed safety glass at the entrance to ensure greater strength and maximum security.  Moreover, hassle-free fitting of aluminium casement doors, available in myriad designs including sliding, bi-folding or stacking, into the walls of your place not only ensure greater protection against drastic weather changes, but also increased protection against sudden break-ins.

Also, the fact that these doors are fitted with locks similar to all other doors in home or office construction implies that security is guaranteed at all stages. To enhance the security level, one can also get additional locks fitted to the doors without hampering their look.

Longevity ensured

Aluminium is much reputed for its solidity, lightness and resistance to corrosion. However, the metal is still subject to chemical treatment like anodisation or powder coating to supplement its resistance quality while adding to its strength. Prolonged colour coatings and greater ease of maintenance are other reasons that validate use of the aluminium metal in making doors and windows as opposed to the traditional method of dependence on timber for the same. As aluminium doors are available in both anodised forms or with a powder coat finish, these doors do not have to be repainted each year.

While anodising aluminium furnishings, the metal is subject to an electrochemical process that increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on its surface. Since the oxide coating is a part of the metal, there is no way that it will peel off under extreme weather conditions. The colour of the surface does not fade with time and is fairly consistent when looked from different angles.

However, some prefer to have their aluminium furnishings subject to the powder coating process that involves electrostatically charging of the powder on the surface of the metal, post which it is treated in a curing oven to ensure smoothness of the coating. The powder sprayed is generally a mix of finely milled resin and pigment and is preferred as it lends a new look to the aluminium doors. Available in multiple finishes including the gloss finish or the satin look, the dents suffered while making the aluminium doors get filled with the liquid coating during the process.

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