Tech-driven gifts to make the tech fanatic in your life ecstatic with joy

Tech-driven gifts to make the tech fanatic in your life ecstatic with joy

In the era of rapid technological advancement in almost every sector of our life, a tech-driven gift is way better than an ordinary gift card. A tech fanatic from all age groups will love to have the latest gadget in his/her hand. While speaking of technology, most of us avoid it due to excessive prices or being confused about what to purchase. Here we will help you with some of the latest technological products that you can pick up for a technology lover belonging to different age groups and are within your budget. These gifts will take a techno freak on cloud nine.  One can also celebrate special occasions with virtual E-gifts like a membership for favourite streaming services, or a game subscription. Here are ten tech gift ideas –

1.      Magic Video Card – We all love to give and receive cards on special occasions. Imagine if your ordinary paper card gets a touch of technology. You need to share a photograph, a video with less than 3 minutes of duration, and messages. That card gets dispatched along with the photo printed on it. With a magic app on your phone, scan the photograph, and it automatically gets into life. After that, the video that was uploaded starts playing.

2.      Happily Yours – When it is a special occasion for your phone-addicted partner, plan to gift this customized app. It will contain a puzzle of your favourite selected picture, a fun quiz to test your partner, messages and picture slides, fun games, and in the end, a video clipping with a few photographs and messages that you want to deliver. This idea will keep your partner stunned.

3.      30 Days of Compliments – Wish on a tech fanatic partner’s birthday with a special and unique gifting idea. Keep them surprising with compliments for an entire month via their phone. They will receive a link for downloading and installing an app. After installation, four favourite images will pop up on their screen, and then they will keep receiving sugary compliments each day for a month.

4.      Naughty Quarantine App – Fetching for a fascinating gift that is perfect for your spouse to relax during the quarantine days? Naughty Quarantine App is ideal for you. This application gets featured with 30 naughty dares for you and your spouse. To add fun elements and make it more interactive, a feedback form gets shared where both of you can rate each other’s performance for a month.

5.      Open When App – This is a digital romance app designed especially for couples. For your different moods, there are different sets of activities assigned. A jar full of compliments will shower attention towards your lover. Whenever you are missing that special someone, you can open the app to see their picture popping up on the screen, and on being tapped several times, a phone call gets generated. You can have random battles, indulge in naughty tasks, enjoy a different approach to vent your anger.

With various tech gift options, another interesting gift item that the new generation is using, and preferring is Virtual E-cards. That is interesting and a different approach to regular gifts. Suppose your close one is having a birthday, but you are in quarantine. Let us celebrate it via digital services. Contact a company offering virtual E-cards facility. They will make a whole day plan on behalf of you. At day end, a special gift gets dispatched via WhatsApp or email. Some other gifting options be like naming a star after your loved ones, create a digital photo frame, or send birthday wishes from strangers. Here are few uncommon virtual E-cards gifting options for you –

1.      Virtual Caricature – Gift your favourite person with a handcrafted caricature portrait from their original picture with an extra feature of adding anyone special thing that they love to do. This gift gets directly delivered to their shared email ID or WhatsApp number.

2.      Plant a Tree – Celebrating a special occasion of your partner with tree plantation is an out-of-the typical gifting option. You promote a tree plantation organized by a certified social worker society on behalf of your partner. A customized certificate to authenticate the tree plantation gets delivered to the email ID or WhatsApp number of your special someone.

3.      Scary Prank Video – Some special occasions feel empty without funny pranks. A video of around 30-40 seconds gets created. It starts with some heart touching message, and in the end, suddenly something scary happens as a ghost face appears on the screen along with a background spine-chilling music. This video gets delivered to the shared email address or WhatsApp number on the occasion day.

4.       E-Portrait for Couples – If you are quite confused about what to purchase on your anniversary, gift your spouse a unique digital portrait of your couple photograph designed by a professional artist.

5.      Romance on the Internet – If you are willing to wish a childhood friend along with your favourite gang of school days, then try gifting an entire website that will remain active for a year since its launch. This website will have features like virtual roses, virtual kisses, hugs, delicate messages, and recommended songs. Only your gang gets to access the website with a password.

6.      Adventure Book for Mom – Surprise your Mom with a different idea on her birthday or Mother’s Day. Make a heart touching story that is customized specially for her and add extra-special video footage made by you at the end as a final touch of surprise.

7.       Mini Radio Show – To wish your dad on Father’s Day or Mom on Mother’s Day, arrange a customized radio show for them as well as for your special someone. The show gets scripted with the details like some funny memories, likes & dislikes, sugared words that you always wanted to say, by a professional voice artist. The recorded video gets delivered to your email ID, from where you can play it anywhere, be it a phone or an audio system.

8.      Name a Star Online – Everyone desires to be a star in someone’s life. Gift your special someone by naming a star with their names. For such a precious gift, you need to select their zodiac sign to pick a star, and then name it along with your messages as details of that star. A personalized certificate gets mailed to your loved ones via WhatsApp number or Email ID.

9.      We Tube – Make your Valentine’s gift stand out of the regular queue by creating a unique video with ten best photos and a few details about your partner, along with a standard music track. This customized video gets delivered to your partner’s Email ID, or WhatsApp, at the exact time you want.

If you are getting interested in these Virtual e-cards and you do not know where exactly you can purchase them, then try out Oye Happy. There are several unique gifting options available for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, a romantic date, or any other special occasion. They offer a variety of gifting ideas for every occasion, and each one of them is unique. With a wide range of new gifting ideas for parents, siblings, and couples, one will never feel outdated or bored while trying them out.

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