The Role of Liability Insurance for Hunting Clubs

Hunting is a pastime enjoyed by millions of people around the world. While it can be practiced by sportsman of nearly any age, it is an activity that has inherent risk. Being cautious and properly-prepared before hunting outings is key to safety, and few things are more important to both hunters and the owners of the land they hunt on.

If you are a landowner or the operator of a hunting club, you have more than just physical safety to think about. You also need to prepare yourself legally and financially for potential disasters – disasters that are unfortunately very possible when firearms and human error are present.

Liability Insurance for Your Hunting Property

The best way to protect yourself and your property is to invest in hunting club insurance. This insurance protects you from legal liability in certain circumstances and covers the cost of litigation in others. But is the expense a necessary one? If you value your property and your financial freedom, you’ll agree that it is.

What Does It Cover?

What your hunting club insurancepolicy covers will depend on what type of policy you choose. Typically, landowners and hunting club proprietors will choose a general liability policy. This will protect you from the legal costs associated with:

  • Injuries incurred on your property.
  • Damage to personal property that occur on your land.
  • Fire damage, with some exceptions based on cause.
  • Liability coverage for hunting accessories, including firearms and other weaponry, tree stands, small vehicles including some watercraft, visual and audio equipment, hunting dogs and any other items used by hunters on the property.
  • Medical expenses incurred due to accidents on your property.
  • Damage to advertising assets on your land.
  • Protection from instances that might prevent you from being able to operate properly, typically excluding some natural disasters.

To be sure of exactly what a general liability policy will cover in the case of your provider, be sure to consult your insurance agent.

Extra Protection

In addition to your general liability policy, you may also choose to add an indemnity clause to their policy’s language. What this add-on does is absolve the policy holder of the responsibility for much of the cost and the “blame” for incidents that they might otherwise be held legally responsible for. In essence, this means that your insurance provider will help you in shifting the legal responsibility to another party. This is helpful for larger hunting clubs and organizations that have a great deal to lose in the event of litigation. Consult your insurance agent before adding this clause, though, as it may be more protection than you need!

Call Your Insurance Agent Today!

Ready to invest in your property and your business? Contact your local hunting insurance provider, and ask them about their options for hunting club insurance. While disaster may never arise, you’ll be glad you’re insured if it ever does! In the meantime, enjoy the peace of mind insurance provides – and the money you’ll make leasing your property of running your hunting club!

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