Tips for Buying Hair Cutting Shears

Are you thinking of doing your own hair trimming and styling at home? If so, you’re like many other Americans. DIY beauty and personal care are trends that aren’t likely to slow in the coming years as people try to save more money while also getting the look they want.

Choosing the right hair cutting shearscan make a big difference in whether you love your at-home style or need to make an emergency trip to the stylist. Here are a few tips for selecting great shears the first time – and getting great results every time!


Scissors vs. Shears

Before you can choose great shears, you’ll need to understand the difference between hair cutting shears and regular scissors. Scissors are multipurpose devices used for cutting paper, fabric, and other light materials. They can be used for office, school, or home tasks and are typically found in craft or kitchen areas as well. They range widely in size and are sold in specialty sizes and styles, and one of their handles is typically larger than the other. Likewise, one of the finger holes – sometimes called eyes – is often larger or differently shaped from the other.


Shears are a bit different. Shears are typically even in length between then handles. Both of their eyes are the same size and shape. They are also typically around six inches in length, the right size for the job. They are very sharp, making them great for cutting hair. Scissors are not generally recommended for hair cutting, so be sure you’re purchasing genuine hair shears.


What to Look for in a Pair of Shears

There are several factors for choosing the perfect shears, each of which has its own importance to the process. Some of these include:


  • Ease of cutting. Hair trimming or cutting requires repetitive motion, so to prevent hand fatigue you should look for smooth cutting shears.
  • Sturdy construction. Look at the handles, blades, and screws of your shears while shopping. They should be sturdy in build, yet light in weight. You don’t want a pair of shears that will fall apart!
  • Handle comfort. Going back to prevent hand fatigue, you’ll also want to prevent soreness in the hands and wrist that can come from cutting hair. Look for shears with comfortable handles.


You may also want to take your shears for a “test run” while you shop. This doesn’t mean you have to cut anyone’s hair with them. Simply observe the shears from the side profile; the blades should meet only at the ends, allowing you to see through a narrow opening between the closed blades. Good quality shears should also not fall completely closed if you let go of the top handle. They should drift about halfway closed and come to a stop, showing sturdy construction of the screws.

Ready to purchase some hair cutting shearsof your own? Contact or browse the supplies at your nearest hair care or beauty supply retailer. There are many options available, so remember to use these handy tips to find the perfect pair for your hair!

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