Top Minsters Trying Their Luck in Second Phase of Chhattisgarh Polls 2018-19

Chhattisgarh state has recently remained in news for all the political activities happening due to the assembly election. In the second phase of the pool, several ministers are trying their luck and expecting victory on the ground of their good work done so far. Nominations are filed and voting is completed on November 19. The nominations were filed for 72 constituencies in over 16 districts. These are the districts were pool was planned for the second phase. In the first phase, over 224 nominations were filed. Some of them are from the Chhattisgarh MLA List and checking their luck this time.

In this, several senior leaders like home minister Nanki Ram Kanwar, Assembly speaker Dharamlal Kaushik, School Education Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, Housing and Environmental minister Rajesh Munat, Panchayat and Rural development minister Hemchand Yadav and Water resources minister Ramvichar Netam are waiting for the election results. Along with this, state BJP president Ramsevak parikar and leader of opposition Ravindra Choubey have nominated for the second phase of the election.

As per the recent update, the election was conducted in 18,004 pooling stations for the second phase. In this, 17,350 were primary booths and 654 auxiliaries. As the elections are over in the state, everyone is eagerly waiting for the results to be declared soon in December 2018. Raipur MLA Brijmohan Agrawal is expecting a consecutive win as he is a popular political leader who has won hearts of people with his work. As an MLA he has held the responsibilities of different departments and has introduced the latest technology, tools and improvement. This is the reason he is known as Mohan Bhaiya as people have a personal attachment with him. He is also a kind heart person who works for improving the life of a poor and deprived section of the society.

No matter what the result will be declared, some of the popular leaders will definitely get the benefit of their work and voters for their poor performance will reject some. Congress is excited as they have nothing to lose. If their top leaders win their constituency seats, Congress will definitely gain an edge in forming the next government in the state. When compared to the earlier assembly election in 2013, there was a close competition between Congress and BJP. Thus, any major changes in the top political leaders winning percentage will definitely influence the actual formation of government in the state.

No matter who wins and who looses, Chhattisgarh will definitely get a qualified leadership that will form the government and will take the state in the path of improvement and development. Various top leaders are confident of their win and expecting to win with a great margin. No matter what leaders think of their popularity, the voters will definitely reflect their choice in the results that are to be declared in December 2018. Thus, it is the time that will show who managed to win the hearts of people who will manage to save their seats. Thus, see whose luck flourish once the results are declared.

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