Tricep Extension Machine and its Benefits

Strong triceps is a major goal for gym goers. While there are many exercises that can help you get big arms, working out on a tricep extension machine is the most effective of all. There are different types of tricep extension machines at a commercial gym, with each having a varied target area for the body and a list of specific benefits. Let’s look at the types of machines and their benefits.

Seated Tricep Extension Machine

The seated tricep extension machine targets the triceps. It also targets shoulders and chest.

Cable Rope Tricep Extension Machine

This type of machine has a rope that is used as a handle to strengthen the grip. It also gives a greater range of motion to the body. There are two types of cable rope tricep extension machine:

  • Cable high pulley overhead machine
  • Cable low pulley overhead machine
  • Assisted Seated Tricep Dip Machine

The machine comes in different forms with some requiring you to kneel, stand or sit

Seated Drip Tricep Extension Machine

Also called as triceps pushdown machine, the machine works on the triceps muscle and abdominals when practiced in the right way.

Assisted Triceps Dips Machine

The machine strengthens the chest and triceps. One thing that needs to be taken care of is to exercise with a conservative range of motion to prevent shoulder injury. Some assisted triceps dips machines come with foot pegs to stand on or knee pad to kneel on.

Cable One Arm Tricep Extension Machine

The machine involves the use of a cable to focus on strengthening and defining triceps. It is also known as cable one arm reverse pulldown machine.

Benefits of Tricep Extension Machine

A tricep extension machine is safe and easier to use when you want to focus on specific muscle groups. As the machine gives an option to workout in different ways, it saves the time you would have otherwise spent on performing separate exercises.

The machine works simultaneously on building and separating the lateral head, medial head and long head of the triceps. It helps in developing a baseline of strengthWhy Machine over Kettlebells and Other Workouts?

Though dumbbells, kettlebells, and other bodyweight workouts are favorite in the gym, it is always better to prefer machine over traditional options. If somebody has just started, working out on a machine will be more helpful because it will eliminate the need to use multiple stabilizing muscles. The machine workout is also safe for those who don’t have full strength or range of motion. If somebody has joined gym post-injury, a tricep extension machine is the best way to get back to track while eliminating the risk of heavyweight dropping on foot.

Wrapping Up

Considering the benefits of tricep extension machine, commercial gyms are making sure to have the equipment in their space. Whether you buy a seated tricep dips extension machine or the one with a cable, pay attention to the quality of the machine. Always buy gym equipment from a trusted dealership, so that they last for long and don’t require maintenance or repairs at short intervals.

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