Using Smart Phones Smartly: Cell Phone Radiation & Control Chip

With the increasing amount of people using smartphones, there have risen concerns on health pertaining to their excessive usage. In this article, we wish to discuss about how one can use such chips as to prevent or control emission of radioactive waves from mobile phones.

Direct contact with cell phone radiation is a invariable for the majority of us.  Our phones are with us 24*7 and are the link of association with the world round us. Smart phones produce RF energy. In case one holds his/her cell phone close to his/her head or place it on, on the body, the body can attract more than 50% of the transmitted RF.

At the same time as the cell phones bring huge expediency to lives, the probable health issues due to the exposure to radiation can cause a substantial public awareness and a big scientific discussion. This is where the usage of cell phone radiation protection chip comes to the aid.

Top ways to use of smart phone smartly

  • The use of smart phones might be pretty nice but then one could be subject to terrible effects of the radiation. Avoid the smart phone being in too much contact with the skin. In fact, it is advisable that a millimeter of distance from the skin should be maintained.
  • Instead of bringing in Smartphone close to the head or ears while calling, it is better to text. While texting on the phone, the user is likely held in the hand and hence kept away from the body.  The distance between the Smartphone and the body creates a much bigger barrier between the user and the powerful RF being emitted from the phone.
  • If one must make a call, it is advisable that the speakerphone or a connected headset be made use of.  While holding the phone against the head while making a cal, one has a chance of escalating the quantity of radiation one’s head might be absorbing.  The radiation emitted by the Smartphone is scary especially when the phone is exposed to the skin. Moreover, the speaker or wired headsets can bring down the quantity of the radiation one might be laid bare to.
  • Longer calls can easily expose the phone user to the harmful effects of RF. It is thus, better to shorten the time of the calls which prevents one from excessive exposure to the RF. Please note that one should refrain from making longer calls on the cordless phones.
  • Usage of mobile radiation control chip can also help in reducing health hazards pertaining to the excessive exposure to radioactive waves.


Smartphones are cool, but it is a means through which one could easily fall into severe sicknesses as bad as caner. The best way to protect oneself from mobile phone radiation is to avoid the phone as a whole. But for most cases, it is a practical impossibility. Hence certain chips installed in the phones can help reduce the harmful effects.

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