What Can I do if Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in the United Arab Emirates

Sex Crime

What is a Sex Crime? 

This is the sort of wrongdoing that includes a sexual offense. Typically, it incorporates assault or any sexual maltreatment that is expressed in a nation’s laws as sexual offenses. 

Types of Sex Crimes 


There are nations on the planet that make prostitution lawful and unlawful too. This is the demonstration of tolerating cash in return for sexual activities. 


Assault is the demonstration of driving sex or entrance towards somebody without wanting to. 

Statutory Rape 

This is having a sex with a person who has not yet arrived at the lawful period of assent. There can be no power for this to occur yet the culprit can even now be accused of an unlawful go about as it disregards the law. 

Sexual Assault

This is a sort of sex wrongdoing that is made out of sexual contacting or contact that isn’t assented by a person.

Why Do People Make Up False Accusations?

Justification—Accusers now and then make up lies so they can have a plausible excuse. This is a general perception concerning the quantity of individuals who have made up allegations to conceal what truly occurred. It very well may be to hide a treachery, pre-marriage sex, and so forth. Some of the time, the guardians even held up the grievance rather than the person. There was a case before that an individual with intellectual shortages who was gotten by her mother with a kid in trading off position and said it was an assault. It took her two or three months to let it be known was consensual. 

Individual addition—There are things that can be picked up by an informer from making up a falsehood relying upon the case or circumstance of the informer. There can be an enthusiasm on their part since it may help them in increasing more or there can be none since documenting a grumbling in itself will fill its need already.People who do this for individual addition for the most part have a background marked by specific violations previously. 

Mental issues—There are individuals, then again, who experience the ill effects of certain psychological illnesses that render them to accept that particular activity were done against them. They can record a case against you in any event, when you didn’t really have any contact with them essentially on the grounds that they are not intellectually equipped for recognizing reality from not. There have been cases like this in certain pieces of the world. 

Revenge—This is another motivation behind why individuals make up explanations against others. Be that as it may, it’s more uncertain for an explanation than the others above. Less individuals blame their previous sweethearts for a sex wrongdoing since they have been dumped or dismissed. 

What Can You Do in this Event? 

Contract a lawyer 

You have to locate the best lawyer that you can discover. In the UAE, there are a lot of law offices in Dubai with a group of medical lawyers in Dubai who are knowledgeable about this field. By sharing them what occurred and your side of the story, you can comprehend your case more and the ability to confront it. 

At the point when you get the updates on the allegations or on the off chance that you’ve been served, your lawyer can offer you a guidance on what you ought to do or not do. Right now, should not possess up to that lie paying little mind to what occurs or what others encourage you to do. 

Update your family and friends about what happened

It’s in every case great to have an emotionally supportive network particularly when it originates from your family or companions. You should reveal to them the entire story before they catch wind of it from another person. You can tell them of your feelings of trepidation and any counsel that they can give you. 

Collect evidence if you are the victim

A few people may be simply turning the circumstance around in an adverse manner. Right now, be blaming you for something that they did so as to get away from the results. 

It is conceivable to counter their case. You can talk with one of the legal advisors in Dubai immediately if so you can both arrange on what to do. Proof should then be obtained for your case to be upheld. 

Legal Consultants in Dubai 

We have been working for a long time as one of the main law offices in Dubai. HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants in Dubai can speak to anybody from any Emirate regardless of whether we are situated right now. Notwithstanding what case you are confronting, we are more than ready to assist you with excursion with it. 

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