Why and How to Choose Professional Cutting Shear Scissors?

It’s tempting to purchase the first pair of scissors you find when shopping. They may even be labeled as suitable for cutting hair, but the truth is that true professional hair cutting scissors are a highly specialized type of product. Sharpness, customer rating and place of manufacture all weigh in heavily while judging quality. This type of scissors can also be pricey, so you want to make sure you know what you’re buying. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop for professional-grade hair styling tools.

1. Consumer Product Reviews

The best way to tell if a product is reliable is to read what other customers thought of the item. Product reviews give you the best insight into hair shears available on the market. Independent review sites like Trust Pilot and Google work just as well as reviews given on the site you’re shopping. If there aren’t any customer reviews, do a Google search for the product name. This is guaranteed to bring up hundreds of customer reviews and opinions. Customer product reviews are the best way to start sifting through the possibilities and what should be eliminated based on your needs. There’s nothing more trustworthy than a fellow shopper when it comes to specialized tools like hair shears.

2. Treat Your Scissors Well

Care for shears are simple. Don’t let them sit in water. Avoid dropping your scissors on the floor which can cause nicks. One key tactic to ensuring that a pair of hair shears does the job correctly is that they’re properly sharp. However, many people make the mistake of sharpening their shears too often. Mane Addicts warns not to make this mistake, stating that it will decrease efficacy and ruin the shears. Japanese stainless steel is among one of the most common materials from which hair scissors are made due to the extreme sharpness found in the implements. In order to treat your scissors well, don’t over-sharpen the blades.

3. Store Them Properly

There’s a huge difference between common craft scissors you place in a cup or drawer and pricey shears that you use to cut hair. One tip is not to leave them in a bag and instead use a case designed to store hair shears. This allows the shears to have air circulation. Make sure to oil the shears when you use them and don’t leave them wet. If you cut wet hair with the shears, air dry them and then leave closed when not in use. All of these approaches to care of the shears will prolong their usage. Professional hair cutting shears are a major investment. Whether you’re spending in the double or triple digits for this type of specialized hair cutting scissors, ensuring that they’re properly stored, treated and well-reviewed is essential. The longevity of your investment depends upon how you treat the shears after purchase. Make sure that you’ve invested in the right type of hair scissors and prolong their usage by caring for them according to the best practices laid out in this article.

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