Why is it Best to Rent a Forklift?

When it comes to securing heavy machinery like forklifts for your operation, it can be tempting to purchase a used machine to save money. However, forklift rentalisalso an option – one that comes with many benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider renting your next major machine:

Save Money

Want to save money getting your operation up and running? Consider rental for your machinery needs. You’ll pay much less up front and be able to put those funds toward other things you need for your business.

Pay Only for What You Use

Why buy a bunch of machines that you don’t need? When you rent your forklifts, you only pay for the number and style of machines you require – and nothing else.

Fixed Payments You Can Depend On

When you rent, you have the same payment every month or two weeks. You can predict how much it will be and when it will be due, making budgeting easier.

Rental for Your Business is 100% Tax Deductible

Good news! The payments you make toward rental fees for your business are entirely tax-deductible.

Eliminate the Need for On-Site Parts and Service

Don’t want to keep replacement parts, repair equipment, and an entire staff of service providers on site? Rent your machinery!

Have Only What You Need On-Hand

Do you have a fleet of machines on hand that is sitting around, collecting dust? If so, you need to consider rental as a way to only be responsible for and providing maintenance to the machines you need, rather than a bunch of forklifts you’re never going to use.

Always Have New Equipment

Keeping up with your property or operation’s need can be financially taxing, and if you’re on a budget, keeping up with your competitors can be downright impossible. This is how forklift rental helps you stay ahead of the curve. Giving you access to regular upgrades, you will always have newer-model machinery in good working condition – something your competitors who buy their machinery may not be able to say.

Little to No Impact on Your Credit

Financing a major purchase like a forklift can put a serious dent in your credit that can be hard to recover from. Renting a forklift doesn’t have that same impact, giving you more flexibility to borrow the funds you need to help your operation succeed.

Fixed Rates Mean Long-Term Savings

Rates for rental items and services associated with them may go up over time. Luckily, most rental providers offer a price lock guarantee, so that when you start your rental agreement today, the price you pay now will be the same price you pay every period throughout the length of your agreement.

Make Cash Now

If you’re thinking of switching from forklift ownership to forklift rental, contact your nearest machinery rental location for information on selling your current machines. They can tell you how trading in your current fleet could generate major cash that you can then use toward investing in your operation.

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